In Harmony Music Therapy of Middle Tennessee

Sing, dance, jump, and twirl with Music Together this Summer!

Join us for a summer of musical play!

Summer can be an especially happy time for families. The sun is out, the pool is open, friends stop by, work slows down. Children play outside, examining stones, water, insects, and mud. They can become engrossed in their own activity for extended periods, leaving adults with a little bit more freedom.

With this relaxed pace, through, it’s still important to continue or begin other activities that you may enjoy together. Routines are important for child development — getting up and out of the house by a certain time, seeing friends in the park, going to daycare, making music with your chid, going for ice cream or the zoo one morning. Children thrive on this kind of routine and often look forward to family outings. The fun that your child experiences and the interest and support they senses from you are important. A routine morning or afternoon of music class can be the same.

It can also be important for your child’s musical learning that you engage in a weekly class. Each child has his or her blueprint for learning and may have significant musical ”break throughs” at any time. Watch for surprising musical moments in class and at home!

If you haven’t attended Music Together classes before, summer is a great time to try them. Please consider attending this shorter six-week session. You and your young child will be meeting and making music with other families and making new opportunities for new friends!

So I hope you’ll “Join the Harmony” this summer for some musical fun. Join Ms. Carrie for the Banjo! Collection of songs! When you sign up for summer classes, you will receive a beautiful Illustrated story – song book, CD of songs, and online resources to support your child musically!

Click this link to book your class and to earn more about Music Together Summer Classes!

All the best,

Ms. Carrie