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Active Music Making during COVID-19 Times

As September rolls around the corner, I’m closely watching the stats on the spread of COVID-19 and the decisions made on behalf our kids in regard to schooling. Personally, I feel in a bit of limbo, wanting to get back to seeing individuals and groups in person and also knowing that it is still better to stay at home and stay safe. As a parent of two children attending classes virtually at home, it hasn’t been easy for teachers, parents, and the children. The hope I see is that we are all giving ourselves as much grace as possible and acknowledging that this is not an easy task. Currently, my mantra to myself and my children is, “We Can Do Hard Things”. That is, hard things to get through this current time and come out the better for it. Therapy is much like this, sometimes it’s just small progress, sometimes it’s big progress, sometimes it stalled progress, sometimes it’s regress, but good therapy looks at all progress and knows that it’s process over product. We are all this process together.

Through the Spring and Summer, there were some families, children, and youth who participated in music therapy and Music Together classes over telehealth. What I discovered was active participation and progress even with the barrier of the screen. I know that some folks (including myself) have worried over “screen fatigue” for their children. However, the teletherapy I am offering still includes active music making which works on singing for back and forth communication, movement, following directions, and music enrichment through time to learn about music concepts for cognitive growth and development. It would be a time to sing, dance, and play with the music!

During this unprecedented time, music therapy over telehealth can offer a fun and active way to engage the body, mind, and spirit through music making. Register your child or youth today! I look forward to seeing everyone soon!

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All the best,

Ms. Carrie

Music Together within Therapy offers valuable time spent with your little one making music together!