Laughter + Music = The BEST Medicine

Feel Good Any Day of the Week!

We have heard both phrases:  “Laugher is the best Medicine” and “Music is Medicine” so, why not combine the two?  Grab your loved one to watch, laugh, and sing to this fun folk song!  How do you feel afterwards?  What music lifts your spirits and brings joy into your life?  

Active music making combined with playfulness and laugher can boost mood, lift spirits, engage focus, and create social interaction. 

In Harmony Music Therapy engages in: 

  • support of young children with developmental delays and their parents to help work on non musical skills, such as sharing joint attention and communicating ideas through songs and active music making activities tailored to individual needs.
  • support of children and adults with developmental and/or intellectual disabilities learn coping strategies to reduce negative behaviors and engage in active music making to help build knowledge of positive self worth.
  • support of adults diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease to help strengthen, preserve and slow the progression of loss of voice volume, teach supported breathing, and to help lift feelings of apathy and depression.
  • support of adults diagnosed with dementia to help with memory recall which contributes to reminiscence and satisfaction with life. Music can cause positive changes in mood and emotional states associated with memory loss.

In Harmony Music Therapy of Middle Tennessee engages children and adults through active music making to enhance and strengthen their positive self worth.  Music is used to facilitate personal growth through an enjoyable therapeutic outlet.  Sign up for music therapy today! 

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