New Year Songwriting for 2021

A Song to Sing and Dance Along

Happy New Year! 

Here is to wishing you a year that will be on the upswing of good news to come! 

Today, I’m sharing New Years Feel Good Friday Song.  I post these songs on Facebook and Instagram every Friday as a way for my followers to take a moment and sing a song that brings hope and positivity to our current social distancing practices.  For New Year’s Day I chose to sing the song, What a Wonderful World by George D. Weiss and Bob Theile. Of course, made famous first by the late Louis Armstrong and then by the late, Isreal Kamakawiwo’ole.  This song a favorite of many folks and I have sung it with many of my groups and clients over the years.  The lyrics speak of all the good things about living this life and the kindness we have as neighbors and friends. My favorite memory of this songs is when my kids were young and I would take them to the Downtown Nashville Public Library for weekly story times. I loved that Mary-Mary, Library Pete, and The Professor would end each story time singing and signing this song with the kids.
Give it a listen:

Today, after you listen and sing along to the song, I would challenge you or your loved one to think of your own verse to this song.  I’m all about lyric rewrites to bring out our own positive thoughts and feelings, especially, in a time when many of us are feeling distant from loved one’s and have experienced hardships this past year. 

A rewrite would look like this:

I see the moon so bright, shining at night

I see its glow bringing sweet light

And I think to myself what a wonderful world

Remember, lyrics do not have to rhyme to make sense to the spirit of the song.

Here is another example:

I love hugs from my son, and cuddles with the cat

I’m thankful for evening meals with my sweet family

And I think to myself what a wonderful world

It’s your turn! Give it a try!

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I am thankful for you!  You make this world wonderful just by being in it!

Ms. Carrie