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Active Music Making during COVID-19 Times

As September rolls around the corner, I’m closely watching the stats on the spread of COVID-19 and the decisions made on behalf our kids in regard to schooling. Personally, I feel in a bit of limbo, wanting to get back to seeing individuals and groups in person and also knowing that it is still better to stay at home and stay safe. As a parent of two children attending classes virtually at home, it hasn’t been easy for teachers, parents, and the children. The hope I see is that we are all giving ourselves as much grace as possible and acknowledging that this is not an easy task. Currently, my mantra to myself and my children is, “We Can Do Hard Things”. That is, hard things to get through this current time and come out the better for it. Therapy is much like this, sometimes it’s just small progress, sometimes it’s big progress, sometimes it stalled progress, sometimes it’s regress, but good therapy looks at all progress and knows that it’s process over product. We are all this process together.

Through the Spring and Summer, there were some families, children, and youth who participated in music therapy and Music Together classes over telehealth. What I discovered was active participation and progress even with the barrier of the screen. I know that some folks (including myself) have worried over “screen fatigue” for their children. However, the teletherapy I am offering still includes active music making which works on singing for back and forth communication, movement, following directions, and music enrichment through time to learn about music concepts for cognitive growth and development. It would be a time to sing, dance, and play with the music!

During this unprecedented time, music therapy over telehealth can offer a fun and active way to engage the body, mind, and spirit through music making. Register your child or youth today! I look forward to seeing everyone soon!

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All the best,

Ms. Carrie

Music Together within Therapy offers valuable time spent with your little one making music together!

Important Update for August 2020 Going Forward

Since March of 2020 I’ve seen varying social media posts either saying, “What’s Next 2020?” or “Things I’ve Learned in 2020”. The first statement speaks to the fact that 2020 has brought on some unfavorable changes, thrown us into a pandemic, and completely upended what we think of as a “normal” day or week. The later statement, seems to take a look at the bright side of change and how a person can grow and evolve with the changes. I personally, have felt both sides of these statements this year as some days have been better than others and I have rolled with the punches and also reflected on what is good about life as I know it. It has been a time to adapt to changes and look at how best to adapt to these changes in both home and work life. Even before March of 2020, I have been feeling the need to let go some parts of my work responsibilities. I have also felt the winds of change for a long time even as far back as the Summer of 2018. So, here I am in August 2020 and I’m making some necessary changes to In Harmony Music of Middle Tennessee and I want to let you know about them.

I’ve been a music therapist coming up on 15 years now, and a Music Together Center Director for 8 years. I love my career! I love making music with kiddos and their parents! However, here is the crux of the matter, I am letting go of the Music Together Family classes and moving my work focus to music for therapy. I have closed my center location at the Groove Room in Hermitage. I plan to reopen my West End location at Blakemore United Methodist Church, when it is safe to do so, to children with special needs including kids diagnosed with Autism, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy and other developmental and intellectual disabilities. I am continuing to offer teletherapy services to children and youth with special needs at this time. Music Together within Therapy uses the music from the Music Together curriculum to children with special needs reach their individual non-musical goals. Non-musical goals can include, increasing communication, strengthening gross and fine motor skills, working cognition skills, and increasing awareness of self and others.

I will be reorganizing my mailing list and will send out notification and add a new form to my website within the next few weeks. If you are interested in hearing more about Music Therapy services please reach out me directly at

It’s with a heavy heart that I close my Music Together Family classes. However, there are many other great classes offered in and around Nashville and I’ve provided links at the bottom of this page (below the photo gallery) to the four groups I know who continue to hold family classes both online during this time and possibly in person in the near future. I’d encourage you to check them them out, especially, to continue building basic music competence which is so important to early childhood development.

It is has been a pleasure serving over a hundred families over 8 years though Music Together Family classes! I look forward to continuing to serve as music therapist to many children with special needs and their families.
Thank you for your support of In Harmony Music of Middle Tennessee!

I wish you the best in life,

Ms. Carrie
Thank you for all the great memories!

Check out these great organizations for more Music Together Family Classes!

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Music Therapy Parent Ed Moment: “One Little Owl”

Hello Parents!  I have a song to share with you today! I use this song in my work as a Board Certified Music Therapist.  Check out this 2 minute video which teaches you the song so you can sing it at your home and lets you know how I use this song in my clinical practice with children with special needs.

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